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Cedar Grove Candles are hand-poured by Heather and Greg with eco-friendly coconut-soy wax and are phthalate & paraben free – just the good stuff! Inspired by nature and the 4 large ancient cedars on their property in Tuwanek, Cedar Grove Candles are sustainable, clean burning and scented with carefully selected essential oils and fragrances. These candles are ready for gifting and come packaged in glass vessels and handcrafted concrete vessels. Can’t wait to smell the evergreen or citrus & balsam holiday fragrance – a merry and bright scent that combines tangerine, grapefruit, balsam and pine. Come to the HMB Holiday Market and Kids Craft Fair to check out their most popular scents – including their signature candle scent lavender cedar, one they blend themselves. Pop by to say hello and take a sniff or two!